Succ It Succulent©- Sticker

Succ It Succulent©- Sticker

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Modeled after our best selling Succ It Enamel pin, I present to you, the Succ It Sticker!  


If getting old means loving plants, then call me Kieth Richards because I love me some plants. I also love me some plant puns.

I love going to the desert and finding beautiful cacti and succulents (and old people come to think of it... they love warm weather!).  

To me, these little buggars are a constant reminder that even in the worst conditions, beauty and life can thrive.

This enamel pin is the perfect accessory for your bag, jacket, hat, or shirt to showcase your love for plants and snarkiness.

Product Details:

  • Printed on white vinyl with a matte finish
  • Measures approx. 3.5 x 3.5" 
  • Made with UV coating to withstand the sun, rain, and heat!

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