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      Meet Brenton Giesey

      born and raised in cincinnati, brenton giesey was raised on punk and alternative music and fell in love with flipping through his parents’ vinyl records and national geographic magazines. he would pore over liner notes and spend hours recreating logos and icons. this not only instilled his love for visual art, but also solidified his core philosophy that images should be timeless and convey emotion. his work with musicians, artists and celebrities has taken him all over the world and yielded an extensive portfolio. brenton works with upcycled materials, stencils and carefully curated colors and travels extensively to produce passionate, expansive artworks and images. currently based in los angeles, brenton favors analog techniques to create his powerful and iconic imagery.

      Meet Kit Smith

      In 2005 I started building guitars and ukuleles in Berkeley, California. Mostly, I would create unusual instruments configured with various vintage and repurposed parts. Since moving to the desert in 2017 I have focused on building cigar box ukuleles and electric guitars with desert symbolism and patina. My goal is always great design, tone and feel. -Kit Smith Desert Homestead Guitars

      Meet Justin Go

      Justin Go was born in Los Angeles. He was educated at the University of California, Berkeley and University College London. Justin has lived in Berlin, London, Paris, and New York City, among other places. Justin's first novel, The Steady Running of the Hour, was published in 2014 by Simon & Schuster and is being translated into more than twenty languages. At present Justin is at work on a second novel.

      ME & D was created over 10 years ago by a mother and daughter who shared a love of fashion and design. As a self taught sewer “D” started making childrens clothing as a single mother for a small company and also for her daughter. Her daughter would sit patiently and watch her mother turn a yard of fabric into an outfit for her. She was delighted by her ability to create something from nothing. It wasn’t long until D taught her how to create things of her own. In her formative years she experimented with many types of media but ultimately found a passion in leather when her and D stumbled upon an old used leather sewing machine, never working with leather before they forged their own path by trial and error. Soon enough D designed the first ME & D bag, the Hobo. From there many designs came and went but the two continued to share their love for designing new things and sharing with others.

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