Howling Wolf Enamel Pin

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 One of my favorite places to visit in the whole wide world is the desert. Its a place that seems so desolate at first glance, but if you look closely and you listen, you can see and hear all the life around you. The desert is a tough place to survive and doesn't bow down to anyone. It is humbling and liberating, the way mother nature intended.

This badge is a nod to the wild coyote of the southwest. The howling at the moon, and the cackling of the coyotes before dawn- the coyote spirit bring outs the curiosity and playfulness of the desert and is the perfect mascot to commemorate this corner of the earth.

This hand drawn design features the coyote bearing the colors of the sky and land in a native tribal design. 

The perfect accessory to your bag, jacket, hat, or shirt to showcase your love for adventure and wanderlust.

Product Details:

  • Size: Approx 1.00"w x 1.25"h


  • Quality Gold CLUTCH backing (no rubber backing here! that means it isnt going anywhere! No more lost pins!)
  • Hard enamel for a smooth feel.
  • Designed in California, Manufactured in China


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