Monterrico Palm Sun Hat // Oak

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If you prefer back roads, cozy hostels and minimal crowds over yachts, cabanas and designer swimsuits, the sleepy coastal Guatemalan town of Monterrico is probably just right for you.

Here you'll find more use for a hammock than you will a feather bed — and that's just fine by us.

Our Monterrico hat brings with it a similar personal, tactile connection to its source and the hard-earned experiences found in getting there.

The palm is harvested nearby. The pale yellow inner leaves are opened up like fans and spread on the beach to dry and be bleached by the sun. On Thursdays and Sundays, residents gather outdoors in front of the market to sort through the leaves and select those suitable for the hats they're making. The lightest, choicest and most supple make the cut, and become a Two Roads Monterrico.

You see, the memories, relationships and objects that you treasure most didn't just materialize simply because you wanted them. They're not meaningful because they're shared by the masses, picked up on a whim or stumbled upon. They mean something because they took effort to get.

You put in the miles, the sweat and the blisters. And — let's face it — you're better for it.


Crafted with exotic Guatemalan Palm Straw and hand shaped in Texas, USA, the Monterrico is a sturdy, toasted colored straw hat shaped into a teardrop fedora crown and wide, flat brim that offers amazing sun protection.

Trimmed with a brown, genuine leather chinstrap and leather slider, the Monterrico is the perfect summer companion, and is built to stick with you for years to come.


Brim: 4"
Crown: 4"

Band: 3/16"  genuine leather chin strap

UPF Rating:  50 + (Excellent)


Available in 55 S, 57 M, 59 L, 61 XL and 63 XXL. Due to the nature of the hand woven palm, the Monterrico has a padded, cotton sweatband that is not adjustable. We have included our sizing tape in case a tighter fit is needed. 

All sizes are measured in centimeters circumference.

55 57 59 61 63
Inches 21 1/2" 22 1/4" 23 23 7/8" 24 5/8"
Fitted Size 6 7/8 7 1/4 7 1/2 7 5/8 7 7/8

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