Herringbone - Shades of Café

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Herringbone Beach Towel: Shades of Café. Beautiful and elegant Beach Towel designed for everyday use as well as indoor decor. Perfect for a day at the beach, or can beautifully accent any room in the house. Inspired by those who live in the sun, these towels are designed to be durable, breathable and enjoyed!

  • ≈ 100% Cotton
  • ≈ Herringbone weave
  • ≈ Hand twisted tassels
  • ≈ Hand sewn patch
  • ≈ Measurements 36” x 72” / 91cm x 183cm
  • ≈ Open big, pack extra small
  • ≈ Washer and dryer with all clothing ok!

Packaging note: Each towel will come wrapped in a raw cotton twine and complete with a seed paper hang tag that is plantable and 100% biodegradable!
Made in Tunisia