J&T'S BBQ Sauce

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J&T's Gourmet Sauces is a homemade barbecue sauce!

 We currently have 2 different flavors available inside Hi-Desert Daydream. -California Crush (Pineapple) and San Andreas (Orange Strawberry Habanero.)

J&T's California Crush is a robust citrus flavor that wont overpower your food. It adds a sweet but tangy flavor adding a rich taste to your meal. Enjoy California crush on chicken, pork, beef and even tofu and vegetables. Broccoli is a customer favorite with California crush. If you love a tropical flavor with a California kick, California Crush is perfect for you!

J&T’s introduces you to San Andreas, like the fault line it makes an earthquake in your mouth. With orange, strawberry and habanero flavors it adds that kick you need with a perfect amount of sweetness.  

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